Amir Khan vs Judah Fight Boxing Shorts

Shorts and ring jacket worn by Amir King Khan during his Las Vegas fight with Jab Judah.  We decided to go for his traditional style only change the colours to green, with his lightning, sponsors logos and big AK on the side.  This is a very special printing technique we use only for Amir, and is there to show you are work.  We have not made this available as yet to the public due to the costs involved in producing something like this.  We can however make something very similar in any fabric you choose with your own logos if you have them and names.  Please use on of our custom templates or the contact us button to receive your own personal quote.

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The Suzi Wong bespoke service allows you to design from scratch, or recreate anything you can dream of, to wear when entering the boxing ring. We have a huge portfolio of different fabrics, trims and embellishment options to choose from. Make sure your next pair of Custom Boxing Shorts and Teamwear is made to your exact requirements. 100% British Tailor Made.

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