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Embroidery is the art of applying thread using a needle to decorate fabric.

The Suzi Wong team have been using Embroidery to customise Boxing Shorts and Fightwear for over 20 years. Our team of skilled machinists have a vast array of experience and we have rarely come across a requirement for a customisation that isn’t possible.

Customising Boxing Shorts For Over 20 Years

Traditionally Embroidery would have been done by hand, but modern techniques now use computer software to convert logos and graphics into stitches. We then send this from the computer to the Embroidery machine to read. 

Our embroidery machines can stitch some 800 stitches per minute, with most leg logos containing around 25 thousand plus stitches. 
It’s a very skilled job, learning how to frame the items for the correct positions and how to handle different fabrics. Plus using the computer technology as well as maintenance of the machines which run into the thousands. 

Tajima machines

We work on Japanese Tajima machines, rated as the best in the industry. We have 10 single head machines, which all have the capability to embroidery 10 different logos all a the same time. 

We have a team of two specialists who embroider all of the Suzi Wong items, from waistband names, leg logos, back jackets, vests and socks. 

We have embroidered everything from a lion, to a huge wolf and many national flags.  

Embroidery is an area that is constantly developing and we have more fabrics, thread colours and techniques coming into the market yearly. 

At Suzi Wong we like to keep ahead of the game, often visiting trade shows around the world to find out about the latest trends in embroidery to bring them to the boxing ring. 

Embroidery Options

Below you will see some of out work up close, from detailed cartoon characters, to boxing gloves, boxing club badges.  The possibilities and detail we can now get with embroidery and our machines is second to none.

An embroidered product is a mark of a luxury item,  it gives the boxing short or ring jacket the luxury feel deserved of a truly British made product. 

All of the above Embroidery options are available for our Design Online or Customisable Boxing Shorts Ranges.

Advanced Embroidery Requests

As with all our products – if you want to create something slightly different than what we offer through our website, simply get in touch with our team and we’ll do our best to provide a quote.

Checkout more examples of the Embroidery projects we’ve worked on for Professional Boxing Athletes in our Portfolio.

Latest Custom Boxing Shorts & Fightwear

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