LGND, Jordan Range

Inspired by the greatest, the LGND Michael Jordan. 

Jordan influenced a generation. His skills, athleticism and dedication to the beautiful game of Basketball were like no other. 

Boxers today draw close to Jordans dedication, training in dark, cold fight gyms in search of the greatest accolade of being World Champion. 
Jordan won 6 Championships with the Chicago Bulls over 15 seasons.

LGND Technical Training For Boxers

The LGND Jordan range

The Nike Jordan 1 Trainer was iconic and is today a limited edition collectors trainer.  The LGND Jordan collection has been inspired by the Jordan 1 Nike sneaker and the Chicago Bulls. 

Drawing on the iconic classic black, red and white colours of the Chicago Bulls, we have dedicated a whole LGND range to the icon or the game. 

The LGND Jordan range includes iconic colour ways from Celtics and Orlando Magic, and Lakers great teams in the NBA.

All ranges are limited to 30 items, 100 socks and 50 face masks, so this really is an iconic limited edition collection.

“Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen”

LGND Jordan Range

by Suzi Wong

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