Men’s Boxing Shorts

Suzi Wong Boxing Shorts are trusted by top Boxing Athletes such as; Scott QuiggAnthony CrollaJames DeGaleJorge Linares, Patrick Rokohl, Arthur Mann and many more.

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Suzi Wong Men’s Boxing Shorts

If you’re looking for Men’s Boxing Shorts, you’ve come to the right place. Suzi Wong is the leading British Manufacturer of professional Boxing Shorts.

At Suzi Wong we create Handmade Custom British Boxing Shorts for professionals and amateur athletes. Our products are trusted by boxing professionals such as Anthony Crolla, James Degale, Scott QuiggJorge Linares, Patrick Rokohl, Arthur Mann and many more.

Handmade Men’s Boxing Shorts

All Suzi Wong Boxing Shorts are handmade to the exact same world-renowned standards from our studio in Lancashire.

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