Cori Gibbs Geometric Inspired Boxing Short and Robe

Custom Made Geometric Inspired Boxing Kit.

just a hint of geometric!

The boxing kit is a striking blend of classic elegance and modern flair. Featuring a white satin base with bold red and blue accents, along with crystal embellishments. The shorts are made from luxury white satin, providing a smooth and lustrous appearance. A red wetlook waistband adds a contemporary and eye-catching element, offering a contrast to the satin base. The custom shaped side panels of the shorts are crafted from a red and blue wetlook material. Enhancing the overall vibrant look. These panels features sparkle print stripes that add an extra touch of glamour and placed in a Geometric Inspired pattern style.

The robe matches the shorts with a white satin base, ensuring a cohesive look. The hood of the robe is made from the same red wetlook material as the waistband, providing a striking contrast and modern touch. The sleeves of the robe feature the same red and blue wetlook material as the shorts’ side panels. With Geometric Inspired sparkle print stripes running along them. The back of the robe is adorned with the boxer’s name in crystals, matching the shorts and creating a unified, luxurious appearance. The use of crystals for the names on both the shorts and robe adds a high-end, glamorous touch, ensuring the boxer stands out in the ring. The sparkle print stripes on the custom panels add dynamic movement and visual interest, catching the light and drawing attention. Overall, this boxing kit combines the timeless elegance of the bold fabrics. Creating a visually stunning and high-impact outfit for the ring.


Want something bold and different for your next fight? Let the Suzi Wong team make you something special to wear out in the ring. If you have your own ideas or not, don’t worry the design can create you something unique to your style.

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