Marc “Livewire” Leach British Union Jack Boxing Shorts

Bespoke British Union Jack Boxing Shorts Made for the “Livewire” Marc Leach.


These bold British Union Jack Boxing shorts are a statement piece for Marc Leach. The finest red satin fabric as the body to the short with Union Jack side panels. All tipped and trimmed with gold to add to the luxury. The flag on the side panels are detailed with gold Australian Crystals. With printed logos and text added to the front and back of the shorts.

Suzi Wong we are proud to be a British Made company and to produce products right here in the UK. Do you want to create a short to show you are proud to be British. Check out the below information and contact the design team. Or you can check out our online store and grab yourself a Union Jack Style short.

Jubilee Boxing Short – Suzi Wong Creations Ltd

We also have a wide range of socks colours, take a look at the X-Sole sock collection. There are some perfect colours to go with your Union Jack Shorts.

Suzi Wong X Sole Boxing Socks with Customisable Embroidery.


Get in touch and create something unique with us. If your training to be a Champion you need to look the part. Let the Suzi Wong team make you something special to wear out in the ring.

Get in touch with our design team using the contact form. Giving specifics of what colours you want, fabrics you like and what you want on your shorts, names and logos. We will be sure to get back to you with some quotes.

Bespoke Design Service – Suzi Wong Creations Ltd