Patrick Nielson Danish Boxing Shorts


Patrick Neilson a Danish boxer working under the famous Sauerland Brothers wants some new boxing shorts to make him stand out and move away from the classic black or white boxing trunk.  We sent him some designs over email all including his Danish flag and he chose this one.  We added his sponsors logos all as embroidery onto the shorts in his specific places.  These shorts looked great for his December fight and made him stand out on the TV.  We can make shorts like these, in satin or why not try sparkle, velvet, or wetlook material or maybe even some faux leather.  We have many different colour fabrics available as well as being able to use this pattern for any national flag you wish.  Just let us know what you require on an email using the contact button at the top of the page.  Simply type which shorts you like, what you want on there, names on the band, logos etc, and let us know fabrics and colours you like.  We can then quote for you and start the process of having some custom boxing shorts made.  We send all over the world, including France, Poland, Belgium, Spain, Australia, USA to name a few countries our shorts are worn.