Shakan Pitters Faded Luminous Boxing Kit

Custom Made Boxing Kit for Shakan Pitters.


The boxing kit is a sophisticated and modern ensemble featuring dark navy panels, a unique faded black-to-grey satin base, and luminous yellow accents. The base of the shorts is made from high-quality satin, that fades from black to grey. Creating a sleek and gradient effect. The unique faded black-to-grey satin base provides a sleek and contemporary look, differentiating the kit from traditional designs. Dark navy satin is used for the panels and waistband, adding depth and contrast to the design. Luminous yellow and grey tassels along with trim details, are strategically placed along the edges of the shorts. Adding a vibrant and eye-catching taste. The waistband features embroidered names in luminous yellow. Ensuring it stands out prominently against the dark navy background. Mirrored black trim runs along the panels, adding a touch of intricate detail and further enhancing the overall look.

The jacket matches the shorts with it’s faded black-to-grey satin base. The hood is designed as a three-piece, with a stripe running down the centre in dark navy, providing a structured look. The jacket features the same luminous yellow and grey tassel details, tying the look together with the shorts. The back of the jacket is adorned with the boxer’s name in luminous yellow embroidery, matching the shorts and ensuring visibility. Mirrored black detailed trim is also incorporated into the jacket. Echoing the trim on the shorts and adding an extra layer of sophistication. The luminous yellow accents throughout the kit add a vibrant and modern touch, ensuring the boxer stands out. Blending modern design elements with traditional touches! Creating a standout outfit that combines the sleekness of satin with vibrant accents and intricate details.


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