Sunny Edwards Dragon Ball Boxing Shorts

Sunny Edwards Pro Boxing Shorts

Sunny Edwards always likes to be different and push the boundaries with what he wears inside the boxing ring.

This time Sunny wanted to go with a theme representing his Japanese animation love and Dragon Ball character Goku.

Fabric Selection

Fabric selection is an important part of choosing the right boxing shorts for you.

You have to consider, what weight you are, will you notice if the water being poured on you in the corner will soak into the shorts making them heavy.  How many rounds are you fighting? What do you like to train in?  Kitted out or in lightweight running fabrics?

Every detail can make that ounce of difference, look at Bolt when we runs the 100m in lycra and a lightweight running shoe.

We sell special light weight materials to factor if this is what you require.

Sunny’s short where made from a burnt orange velvet, trimmed in white leather on the sides, and a deep royal blue trim and waistband.

Complete with random hand placed Austrian Crystals crystal details on the sides, and orange WAR in the middle of the name.

This really is a luxury detail, but it makes all the difference in the ring, giving that luxury feel for the fighter and the WAW factor for the fans sitting ringside watching the Austrian Crystals sparkle off on another.

Ordering My Own Custom Fight Wear

At SW we pride our selves and our highly skilled team on innovation. We have been making bespoke boxing ring-wear for over 20 years and been in the clothing industry for over 40. We developed new designs daily and constantly push the boundaries of what is possible in fight-wear.

Get in touch to either come into our design studio, to have a fitting, go over designs and new fabrics or use the contact buttons above let us know what you after.

The team will get back to you with their thoughts, prices and ideas.

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