Zelfa Barrett Lightning Gladiator Skirt

Zelfa Barrett made his eagerly anticipated return to the big stage after injury, as the main support to Josh Warrington at the Leeds Arena.

Fighting Jordan McCorry, Zelfa wore his now classic style gladiator skirt boxing shorts.

We went for a lightweight luxury white satin, with lighting strikes graphics in blue, trimmed in silver lurex. After all his nickname is the ‘Flash’ and we wanted this to be represented in his Fightwear.

Gladiator Skirt

Zelfa loves the gladiator skirt style as it allow him to move freely in the ring. For someone with lighting speed and footwork, its the perfect combination.

Lightweight, and free moving, there are no restrictions in the Suzi Wong Gladiator skirt.

Most fighters wear a Lycra short under this, and this could also aid performance if using a compression type sold widely on the market.

Boxing Socks

Zelfa also loves the Suzi Wong Boxing Socks to match his boxing shorts and boots. We always try to work around a colour that we can match with the boxing gloves, boxing boots, and complete Ringwear.

Ring Jacket

Trying to mix it up always with Zelfa’s ring jacket. He has previously worn just the shorts, or a t-shirt to the ring, but it always really does set the kit off with a ring jacket.

This ring jacket was style on an over the head style with a press studded side for easy removal with boxing gloves on when in the ring.

It was a new style we tried out, never seen before in the boxing ring and it looks fantastic on the ring walk.

Having a ring jacket is a great way to number one keep warm after the long warm up in the changing rooms with your coaches, and number two to advertise your name, brand or sponsors.

The ring walk is the eagerly anticipated entrance to the fight and showcasing who you are at this point is really important.

At Suzi Wong we can create a custom bespoke piece for you or you can purchase one of our off the shelf boxing ring jackets to customise with your own names, logos and branding.

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