Join Suzi Wong and Work Together!

Here at Suzi Wong we are constantly trying to create ways to help our customers, any way that we can improve our services, we will! This is why we are looking at adding a Boxing Club section to our website. 

In this section your pre-designed short will be added to your club section, this will already have any logos or waistband names your club requires as standard. You can add a short, vest, hoodie and t-shirt to your club section for members to purchase. Adding your club kit to our website ensures all your club kit are correct and look the same, down to club colours, fabrics and logos etc. Club members who want to purchase your club kit can add their own customisation upon ordering if allowed by the club. This way there is no confusion or worries from your club members if they have ordered the correct club kit as it is set up as standard on our website. Making ordering a new kit hassle free for our customers!

This is a free service we are offering to boxing clubs, to ensure all your members are in matching boxing club kits. This makes it easier for the coaches and members, this also enables clubs to make more bulk purchases if this is required. If you are a club that already orders your club kit from us, then please contact us and we can look into adding you to our new club section that we are working on. If you are a new customer to Suzi Wong and would like to start working with us on your boxing kits, please do not be afraid to get in touch and work with us. We can help you with all the details.

If you know any Boxing Clubs or are a member at one, please spread the word as we would be delighted to help as many club as possible.

We understand that ordering a kit can be stressful, and you want to make sure you match the rest of your club, this way there is no errors or mistakes just simply ordering the same kit as your fellow boxing friends. We want to make our customers shopping experience as smooth as possible.

Please send an email to [email protected] if you are interested in working with Suzi Wong and we can discuss further.