Filming Day – Anthony Crolla – ITV – MUTV

Great morning today filming with Anthony Crolla, ITV Granada Reports Mike Hall and MUTV.  Both sets of media wanted to come down and film Anthony collecting his kit for his big World Title fight in Manchester on Saturday Night #Pride Of Manchester vs Perez.

This is the second fight vs Perez, and we designed and make a wonderful kit for Anthony to wear.  The kit includes thousands of Sawovski crystals to finish and dazzle on the night under the bright lights.

Mike Hall did an interview with me and Anthony about his kit, the process, if we are nervous when the fighter collects and how proud we are of the kit we have designed for a local fighter.  As we always say in the studio, its amazing to see where we have come from (our family home, making shorts from our garage we turned into a workshop – to a studio in Lancashire)  We have made shorts for World Champions from the start including Ricky Hatton, Joe Calzaghe and many more, so it’s fantastic to be working with Anthony on the biggest fight of his life.

MUTV did a documentary earlier in the year with Anthony and this won an award.  They did come down originally for the first fight to film some of the process of us designing and making the shorts, but this wasnt put into the original documentary, so it’s great that they wanted to come down and see us and hopefully this is fit into the second documentary, to be aired a few weeks after the fight.

It’s always great to have local TV in the studio, tiring (as we are designers, sewers, and embroiderers) I really don’t know how people stand in front of the TV presenting all day, they do an amazing job.

Watch out for Granada Reports on Friday evening and MUTV in the next few weeks.  We can’t wait to see it!!!