Jawbone Movie – Boxing Shorts by Suzi Wong


Jawbone In Cinemas May 12th, 2017


Jawbone MovieSometimes The Hardest Fight Is With Yourself

Jawbone is a UK production from Vertigo Films with an all-star cast including Johnny Harris, Ray Winstone, Michael Smiley and Ian McShane. The film also boasts the input of training legends Shane & Barry McGuigan as the official boxing consultants, plus music by Paul Weller.

Boxing Shorts Made by Suzi Wong

We are incredibly honoured to have worked with the fantastic production team to create the boxing shorts for the main character in the film Jawbone. Johnny Harris plays the lead in the film, but he also wrote the script, the story tells the tale of an alcoholic ex-contender staging a comeback. Throughout the film we see him face his demons inside, and outside, of the ring.

The Suzi Wong design team worked closely with the costume department to create a pair of classic boxing shorts that reflect the stripped back nature of this fantastic British film. The decision was made to create a pair of Classic Black Velvet Boxing Trunks, much like the ones offered here in our online shop. We added some classic cream embroidery to finish off the traditional yet timeless style required to tell the tale of this comeback fighter.

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Jawbone Trailer

Vertigo Films

Suzi Wong on the silver screen… again!

Our involvement with the Jawbone production comes shortly after last year’s input on the Hollywood film ‘Creed’ which was directed by Ryan Coogler and starred Michael B Jordan, Sylvester Stallone, our very own Tony Bomber Bellew.

You can find out more about Suzi Wong’s Hollywood debut here.