Muhammad Ali VS Elvis Inspired Bejewelled Boxing Kit

Beautiful Themed Bejewelled Boxing kit for fighter Kieron Conway.


It has always been a dream of Suzi Wong to create a boxing kit inspired by this iconic robe. Finally, we have found a boxer daring enough to take on the style. Fighter Kieron Conway approached us with the idea of having a kit inspired by the famous white bejewelled boxing robe. Take a look at our portfolio to see full details on his kit, as well as other designs for our fighters. Conway wanted to make a statement when he stepped into the ring and bring back an historic memory.

In 1973 The King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley met Muhammed Ali in Las Vegas. He gifted him a white robed covered from top to bottom in beautiful jewels. This robe was a similar style to the white jewelled jumpsuit Presley used to perform in. Ali has been a huge fan of Elvis from a young age, he was ecstatic to have received such a special gift from him. Ali returned the favour by signing a pair of boxing gloves “Elvis, you are the Greatest. From Muhammad Ali. Peace 1973″.

This was a great honour for Suzi Wong to create such a beloved piece of art for all boxing fans to see out in the ring once again. The Bejewelled boxing kit will catch the eye of everyone in the audience and the thousands of crystals will dazzle the stage!

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