Danny Wright Grey Boxing Shorts

Danny Wright Grey Boxing Shorts

Danny Wright always comes into our specially created design studio to look through new fabrics and designs we have running for the current season. He has decided he wanted something to match his grey boots and something that matched the black and white SW boxing socks.

The Grey Boxing Shorts

Designed in our studio in Lancashire, we worked closely with Danny to create is dream ringwear to match his new boxing boots.

We can design anything you require if you give us a colour palette you want to work to, maybe to match your colours, boots or tracksuits, just let us know and read on to see how you can get your dream boxing ring wear created at Suzi Wong.

We went for a grey faux leather, trimmed with a black leather band and snake skin panels towards the bottom.  Complete with special wolf embroidery on the front with red tongue and eyes to really set the feature off.  It’s small details like this that set SW ring wear apart and you know your getting something truly unique.

Matching socks really set the whole boxing shorts and ring jacket and with matching boots and the ability to now custom make gloves with many manufacturers we really can give you the whole matching look.

The Grey Boxing Short Details

All our work is embroidered and using the best fabrics and techniques available in UK.  We do all our work in-house from design to manufacture of complete boxing shorts and ring wear.  This adds to the level of attention to detail we can offer.  We work with only genuine Austrian Crystals from Austria to give the complete bling effect.

How to Design My Own Boxing Shorts

We can design a similar boxing shorts for you with your own names, logos etc on, just let us know what you require.

Let us know which colours, fabrics and embroidery you want, including names, etc and we can price for you. Use the website for inspiration on what you would like.  If the name is a bit much for you, just opt for normal standard embroidery or ask for a price with both. We are always happy to help in creating your dream custom boxing ring wear.

If you’re looking for a more cost-effective way to create a unique pair of shorts, why not check out our fantastic ranges of boxing shorts online.