Derek Chisora vs Vitali Klitschko Boxing Shorts

One of the biggest tasks he have under taken was when Derek Chisora ask for the Royal Standard flag to be put onto a pair of boxing shorts. He wanted the boxing shorts and robe to be perfect with the fit, with the length and waist just right so nothing would get in his way for the biggest fight of his life over in Germany vs a heavyweight Klitschko.  We went down to his gym in London to do the fitting and finalise designs with him.  We decided to consider all factors including weight incase the fight went 12 rounds.  We embroidered each individual piece of the flad onto satin pieces and then made the shorts, bandana and gown from there.  The embroidered alone took over 26 hours to complete.  It was an amazing piece of kit though and by far one of the most outrageous in actually production time.  Everyone of the team and Derek were over the moon when it turned out just right and got everyone talking.