Jimmy Kelly Snakeskin Boxing Shorts


Jimmy Kelly Snakeskin Boxing Shorts

Jimmy Kelly’s Snakeskin Boxing Shorts are something really special that we created for a very big night. Kelly’s World Title fight vs Gallaghers Gym fighter Liam Beefy Smith was at the Manchester Arena in December 2016.

Jimmy Kelly asked us to come up with something really special for the big night.  Jimmy really wanted to use a snakeskin, which is quite difficult to find in the UK as we don’t tend to use it that often in clothing.  We therefore had to source this from the other side of the world, which is always exciting.

Given enough time we can do anything your heart desires, therefore it’s always best to order early.

Jimmy Kelly Snakeskin Boxing Shorts – Design

The design we wanted to keep quite simple, not wanting to over power it with the snakeskin being quite in your face.  We went for a new metallic silver leatherette we have, alone with white velvet and Austrian Crystals crystals on the names and panels.  For the robe we did a large Austrian Crystals panel on the back, that really ‘blings’ under the bright lights.  The robe just set the whole look off and it was the best kit we had made for Jimmy a fighter we have been working with since his amateur days at Jimmy Egan’s Boxing Club.

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We can design and make something like this for yourself in your own colours, fabrics of choice, with your own names and logos on.  All you need to do is send us an email using the contact us form found here or give us a call for more information.  Make sure you list the design name, changes you want to make and then we can get back to you with a price.  Alternatively you can draw your own design using one our our templates  or why not try our design online tool, that lets you customise set styles to your own liking.  Anything is possible at Suzi Wong, we have the biggest range of fabrics, trims, embroideries, fonts and more, just let us know what you require and we can make your dream fightwear come to life.