Jorge Linares Orange and Black Boxing Shorts

Jorge Linares made his return once again to the boxing ring in sunny LA. A tick over fight before what Golden Boy say may be the big showdown with Ryan Garcia training with Canelo Alvarez now. Will the fight happen, we all hope so and if it does, Suzi Wong will be sure to create a classic eye-catching pair of custom boxing shorts and ring jacket for Team Linares.

Boxing Shorts

Jorge Linares, loves to wear black boxing shorts, and until we began making his kit in 2017 always wore black and gold colours.

We open Jorge creative mind up and has been seen in many different colours and style from white boxing shorts, black and gold boxing shorts and now this creation in black, orange and silver lurex trim.

It’s always great fun working with Jorge on his boxing kit, as he allows us creative license to create something really special for him.

This short was a black lightweight luxury black satin boxing short, with a luxury orange snake skin, wow how good does it look. Snakeskin by Suzi Wong is all faux. With the advancement of fabrics and techniques, faux is now so good and hard to tell the difference. We believe faux is not only better for animals, its better value for money and looks a million times better. Faux fabric does not have the scuffs and marks a real snakeskin fabric would, and so always looks perfect and eye catching.

We have many different colour snakeskins available and are always adding more to our portfolio, from black, white, blue, red the possibilities are endless at Suzi Wong bespoke.

Boxing Socks

Jorge also loves the Suzi Wong Boxing Socks to match his boxing shorts and boots. We always try to work around a colour that we can match with the boxing gloves, boxing boots, and complete Ringwear.

Ring Jacket

Having a ring jacket is a great way to number one keep warm after the long warm up in the changing rooms with your coaches, and number two to advertise your name, brand or sponsors.

This ring jacket was the perfect match the the boxing shorts, and with the custom made Venom Boxing Boots and Gloves, the whole fight kit looked amazing in the ring.

The ring walk is the eagerly anticipated entrance to the fight and showcasing who you are at this point is really important.

At Suzi Wong we can create a custom bespoke piece for you or you can purchase one of our off the shelf boxing ring jackets to customise with your own names, logos and branding.