Khaleel Majid White and Gold Boxing Shorts and Ring Jacket

Khaleel Majid, is the new hot boxer out of Bolton. Following in the footsteps of Amir Khan and many other greats from the town, Khaleel has a huge future in the boxing ring ahead of him.

Quick, fancy footwork and charismatic, he is set to be a fan favourite.

We have been making Khaleel’s boxing shorts since he was a young lad fighting as a amateur boxer, and it’s fantastic to have him in the bespoke studio now, designing kits seen worldwide.

Mens White Boxing Shorts

Designing boxing shorts for Khaleel is always so much fun as he allows us to be creative and trusts the process. There have been a number of kits, he was relaxed about when doubts said it maybe wouldn’t turn out that great and he has been over the moon with the outcome. We at Suzi Wong are expects in our field, constantly researching and developing new techniques and ideas to incorporate into boxing kits.

Khaleel informed us he was wearing a white and gold boot and wanted the kit to match with it. He looks fantastic in white and we trimmed with the Pakistani green colour, trimmed in gold Austrian Crystals with his custom KM logo on the front waistband.

We randomly hand placed gold Austrian Crystals on the waistband, to just capture the light and glisten when the lights catch them in the ring. Small touches like this are the difference in Suzi Wong.

It’s all in the details

Made from a white luxury satin as the main body, with the dark green satin trimmed in Austrian Crystals and lurex gold, with gold sparkle prints.

Austrian Crystals crystals are really amazing and capture and reflect the light like no other crystal on the market. They are a luxury product, but they really do look amazing under the bright lights on the big stage of a boxing ring. They can be used on names, logos, trims, the possibilities are endless. Check our our range of Suzi Wong off the shelf Austrian Crystals trimmed shorts.

We have many different fabrics, furs, Austrian Crystals colours and tims available and are always adding more to the Suzi Wong portfolio.

The possibilities are endless at Suzi Wong bespoke.

Boxing Socks

Khaleel also loves the Suzi Wong Boxing Socks to match his boxing shorts and boots. This time he went for the classic white and gold boxing sock. We always try to work around a colour that we can match with the boxing gloves, boxing boots, and complete Ringwear.

Ring Jacket

Having a ring jacket is a great way to number one keep warm after the long warm up in the changing rooms with your coaches, and number two to advertise your name, brand or sponsors.

This ring jacket was the perfect match the the boxing shorts, boots and gloves. We went for a sleeveless, collar ring jacket.

Although the hooded ring jacket is a classic for entering the boxing ring, the collar is now becoming more popular and helps a fighter soak in the atmosphere of the crowd.

At Suzi Wong we can create a custom bespoke piece for you or you can purchase one of our off the shelf boxing ring jackets to customise with your own names, logos and branding.

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