Leighton Birchall Amateur Boxing Shorts – Lomachenko

Amateur boxer Leighton Birchall came into the Suzi Wong design studio wanting a design similar to the legend and one of the best pound for pound boxers in the world Vasyl Lomachenko.

Vasyl Lomachenko Style Boxing Trunks

Using the colours of the Ukraine flag, blue and florescent yellow where Vasyl Lomachenko we mixed up a style with a sublimated print of a geometric faded blue boxing trunk with a digital board style print at the side. Trimmed with two florescent lighting bolts at the side, with silver metallic fancy zig-zag stitching and luxury trim.

“The random hand placed Austrian Crystals crystals on the lighting bolts are a game changer”

We adorned all the names in silver Austrian Crystals and the bolts. Swarovski is a luxury adornment used on many things from jewellery, dance and ice skating costumes. It’s sure to add the luxury feel and touch to any Suzi Wong boxing shorts.

We have many different fabrics, furs, snakeskins Austrian Crystals colours and trims available and are always adding more to the Suzi Wong portfolio. Whatever you dream of for your ring wear we can make it happen.

The possibilities are endless at Suzi Wong bespoke.

Suzi Wong Boxing Socks

Complete your custom made Suzi Wong boxing shorts, with the socks of socks. Suzi Wong boxing socks have been specially developed and tested over the years. We have developed the the boxing sock in many different colours so you can match them to your boxing shorts. Check the full range our here.

“The ability to customise your own boxing socks with your initials or logo is next level”