Sonny Edwards Matrix Inspired Custom Boxing Shorts

The Custom Boxing Shorts

Suzi Wong had the honour of designing the bespoke boxing shorts for Sunny Edwards’ fight against Bam Rodriguez. The shorts seamlessly blended style and functionality, reflecting both Edwards’ personality and the craftsmanship synonymous with Suzi Wong.

Matrix Inspired Boxing Kit

The shorts featured a vibrant green colour palette that not only complemented Edwards’ energetic fighting style but also captured the attention of everyone in the arena.

The Matrix theme was chosen by Sonny, with the code inscribed on the shorts and robe. This gave reference to Sunny and his illustrious career so far. The shorts and robe featured a silhouette of Bam, Sunny’s opponent. The idea behind this was that Sunny Edwards had the code to beat Bam which no other man has had so far.

We chose electric fonts, crystalised to add that shimmer and shine under the bright lights of the boxing ring. Encrusted 21-0 which was what Sunny was aiming to take his record to at the time and was also a symbol to Bam who’s social media handle is 21-0.

Custom Made Boxing Kit

Symbolism is everything in this design which made these shorts super unique and one of a kind, something only Suzi Wong can execute for a custom made boxing kit.

Sunny Edwards, known for his flamboyant persona, expressed his excitement about the custom Suzi Wong shorts during pre-fight interviews, emphasising how the unique design added an extra layer of confidence to his performance. As the bell rang, the customised shorts became a symbol of Edwards’ determination and the meticulous preparation that goes into each aspect of a professional boxing match.

The Fight

The bout between Sunny Edwards and Bam Rodriguez lived up to the hype, delivering intense rounds and memorable moments. Edwards’ custom-designed shorts became a visual representation of his journey, showcasing the dedication, skill, and flair that define him as a boxer.

Not the result we wanted for Sunny, but what a clash between Sunny Edwards and Bam Rodriguez. A thrilling spectacle that left fans on the edge of their seats and will be remembered for many years to come. The best fighting the best.