Terry Flanagan World Title Boxing Shorts


Terry Flanagan World Title Boxing Shorts

Terry Flanagan World Title Boxing Shorts

Terry Flanagan World Title Boxing Shorts where designed for him based around a Asics boxing boot he wanted to purchase.  This is always a great way to design shorts as it means you can have the ultimate ring wear attire for your big night under the bright lights in the ring all matching even with our SW Boxing Socks as well now. These were really bright and something new for us, but had a great reaction and it was fantastic to see a local lad win the World Title wearing Suzi Wong.

We also made his son who was 2 at the time a mini matching pair of boxing shorts to support his Daddy on the big night.  We can make shorts in any age and it’s always a lovely token, maybe for a gift for, a birthday, the birth of a new baby, or a matching pair to match your own shorts, they always look great on family pictures.

The Boxing Shorts Design and Fabrics

The design based on the Asics boots, we wanted to go with really bright fabrics and something light and durable for the world title fight.  We opted for satin, as this doesn’t hold water, and these things have to be considered when such a big fight could go 12 rounds.  Weight factor is a big issue and should always be considered for optimum performance in the ring.  The colours here are yellow, pink and electric blue.  We also embroidered all Terry’s logos on and his beloved Manchester City who Terry has a great relationship with.

How to order your own custom made Terry Flanagan World Title Boxing Shorts

We can make these shorts in your own colours and fabrics, with your own logos and embroideries on and maybe even a matching pair for a baby.  All you need to do is let us know what you require using the Contact Us page.

Please list for us what style it is your looking for, what you want to change, so colours, fabrics, have a look through the site for some ideas on different fabrics and combinations.  Let us know what you want on there, so your nicknames, kids names, and logos and we can price for you.