Tommy Fury vs Jake Paul : Bambi Special Custom Boxing Kit!


Did you see us on fight night?

We was excited to work on this themed boxing kit for Tommy Fury’s fight against Jake Paul. As you all know Tommy and Molly have just been blessed with a baby girl named Bambi. With this exciting news, this became our new theme for his next set of fight wear. Scroll down for details on the kit and a closer look at this stunning custom piece!


Fury wanted a bespoke kit dedicated to his daughter, this boxing kit was based around Disney Character, Bambi. Doing some research and drawing up creative designs to come with the perfect kit to represent Bambi. Using luxury satin as a base for the robe, we changed up the style by adding a zip to the front opening. With golden trims and robe belt, we added little embroidered detail to the belt. We made the sleeves and outer hood from a beautiful fur giving a woodland look. Inside the robe we added a custom print to the lining and vibrant butterflies around the base of the robe. We hand-placed crystals onto the the wings of the butterflies to add extra sparkle, as well as covering the chest name in crystals. When walking out into the ring walk the crystals will shine bright and take over the show.

Fury’s shorts had a mix of embroidered and printed logos giving texture, trimmed in gold and tassels. A crystal took over the waistband for all to see the Fury name! We made small shapes to resemble the markings a deer has on it’s back and added to the sides of the shorts. We made the shapes in different materials such as leather, wetlook, sparkle and foil, giving different shines and textures. As well as a little illustration of Bambi printed in foil with some personal touches like dates and initials. We are in love with how detailed and personal this kit is.


Do you have a character or theme inspiring your look? Please get in touch and create something unique with us. If your training to be a Champion you need to look the part. Let the Suzi Wong team make you something special to wear out in the ring.

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