White Boxing Trunks Flags

Alex from Gemini ABC had something in mind for his boxing shorts that he wanted so he filled in one of our design your own templates and sent it over to us for a quote.  He has a specific horse show logo with a number 8 he wanted to use so send this over as a pdf so we could get it digitised.  He went for a white satin short with blue white and red flags to keep the clean look of the shorts.  This design can work well in a number of different colours, fabrics and with your own nations flags or maybe just try the shorts with a small embroidery in the panel so your using the same shape if you like it.  Let us know what you require, have a look through the site for some ideas and send us an email using the contact button at the top right of the page.  Just state shorts you like, what you want on them, embroidery wise, colours, fabrics, flags, and anything else you may want. Or you can print off one of our design your own templates, fill it out and scan it back or post it to us.  We will then get back to you with a quote.