Zelfa Barrett ‘The Brown Flash’ Gold Satin Snakeskin Gladiator Style Kit

Stunning Bespoke Gladiator Style Boxing Kit for Zelfa ‘Flash’ Barrett.


This Golden Brown gladiator style boxing kit had everyone’s head turning when Barrett came to the ring. Made from a combination of the finest fabrics, this kit is laced in luxury. Brown custom satin, gold wetlook and gold & brown snakeskin fabric. The snakeskin is new to our fabric collection. Details such as gold trims and gold foil logo prints gives something to talk about. Let’s not forget the golden brown fur hood that was added to the robe. Here at Suzi Wong we love to combine fabrics. We feel this adds textures and details that make the sparkles fly. If you have a theme, identity or heritage to get across to the audience we can make that happen.

“My favourite Suzi Wong kit was the gladiator Jamaican colour kit I wore when I won my English title.  My family are of Jamaican heritage and it was a great token to them when fighting for the English title.”

Zelfa Barrett on previous SW kits.


Get in touch and create something unique with us. If your training to be a Champion you need to look the part. Let the Suzi Wong team make you something special to wear out in the ring.

Get in touch with our design team using the contact form. Giving specifics of what colours you want, fabrics you like and what you want on your shorts, names and logos. We will be sure to get back to you with some quotes.

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