Suzi Wong Hosts Raffle to Help Ukraine

This year has been hard and has hurt everyone around the world. The Ukraine came under attack and a war broke out, everyone has seen devastation to this beautiful country which has been heart breaking for not only the people of Ukraine but also the rest of the world. After hearing the news the Suzi Wong Team wanted to try and help, we created packages of supplies to be sent over to the country to those who was in need. This wasn’t enough we wanted to try and spread awareness and get more people involved. So we came up with a idea to involve our customers, this way we could spread awareness and encourage people to help out or donate and also raise money give to one of the charities.

We decided to run a raffle, we would donate all the money we made from the tickets to our chosen charity and in return we would give a customer a prize. The winner would get the chance to discuss a custom kit design worth £600 and we would make the design come to life. We had a very good response on the raffle and many of our amazing customers joined and bought a raffle ticket. We was delighted to keep seeing customers purchasing raffle tickets and wanting to help!

We ran the raffle for a month and regularly promoted the raffle and the cause, encouraging anyone and everyone to help out where they could. We all need to team together in this horrible time to help one another, the smallest bit of kindest goes a long way in times like this. After running the raffle for a period of time we put all our contestants into a random generator where it picked one of the numbers out. We was then able to contact the winner and tell the the excited news that they had won the chance to create a bespoke boxing kit. Once all tickets was in we counted up the amount we had the announcement was made.

With our customers help we managed to raise £370!

We was extremely proud that we was able to make a contribution to a charity, we immediately submitted the donation to the Disaster Emergency Committee which was taking donations for the Ukraine. The troubles are still on going in the Ukraine and everyone needs to continue to stand together and help out where possible. If you see a charity box add some to it, if you are checking out at a supermarket add a contribution or create a box and drop off some supplies. Every little bit counts and we will get through this!