Suzi Wong Team Take On Tough Mudder!

Back to work a little battered and bruised but it was worth it!

Here at Suzi Wong our team is a family and we love to socialise outside of the studio. At the weekend we teamed together to do some team building at a Tough Mudder event. There was a lot of mixed feelings before starting the challenge. Some where anxious, excited or nervous but as a team we all made it to the finish line! We all worked hard and was pushed out of comfort zones but kept pushing and had lots of laughs and fun. This was something different for a lot of our team members, and we are proud of all our team! We would definitely recommend this to other business, friendships groups or families to try an event like this. It tests your body and encourages you to work as a team.

We came out of Tough Mudder strong and as a fighting team!

We know in Boxing you have a team behind you. You have your friends, family, coaches, fellow boxers and you have Suzi Wong! We have your back and will keep you geared up and looking your best for your fight performance! We are all a team and we can help you look the part. Whether you are a part of an Amateur Boxing Club and you and your club members need some shorts. Or you are a pro fighter heading to the ring and in need of matching team t-shirts, we have got you!

Order Matching Kits

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