SW Team Get’s ‘Dutty’ With Sean Paul!

Suzi Wong has had a bit of excitement over the last week with Jamaican Rapper, Sean Paul.

What’s been going on here? How did that happen?

Suzi Wong have been invited along to see some of Sean Paul Tour show recently by our friends at GeeStar Empire. What can we say this was a fantastic show to have seen with lots of our favourite songs! Suzi Wong went to his show in Leeds first and we didn’t arrive empty handed. At the end of the show we was able to have a chat with the main man himself and presented him with some Suzi Wong treats. We had our Suzi Wong Barrel Bag with a custom LGND T-shirt in a Jamaican colour themed print along with a LGND Victory Hoodie and LGND Beanie. He was very impressed with our gift he treated us to a little song. To hear Sean Paul Suzi Wong Jingle head over to our social media, our Instagram and TikTok has all the highlights!

After having a little chat with the Rapper we noticed he does his own t-shirts under his brand ‘Dutty’ after having a discuss he asked if we could make something special. This was very exciting for us and decided to give Sean Paul some bling! Doing what we do best we headed back to the studio and started putting together a gold crystal t-shirt and hoodie for the star. The final show of his tour was in Manchester and what a show it was! Great energy throughout the entire show! We hooked Sean Paul up with his custom bling ‘Dutty’ T-shirt and Hoodie before his show started and let’s just say he was blown away. He described it as ‘beautiful’ and ‘special’ piece of work, he was extremely happy with our work.

Check out the images below for a little piece of the show.

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