Fight We Have Been Waiting For! : Fury vs Paul

THE TIME HAS APPROACHED, TIME FOR THE BIG REVEAL! We have heard all the talk around Tommy Fury and Jake Paul, well the fight night has finally arrived! The fight takes places on Sunday 26th February in Saudi Arabia and will be live for all to watch. We have an exciting announcement to make. We have created Fury’s Bespoke Boxing Kit for this fight once again! Take a look below at this Meaningful Custom Boxing Kit. We fell in love with this Bespoke kit we created for Fury. The theme was based around Disney character, Bambi. The reasoning for this theme was to celebrate a special moment in Fury’s life with the recent birth of his baby girl. This was a project we enjoyed, it got our creative idea’s floating around and created a new task for us. With how the finish product turned out all we can say is we are extremely impressed. Our team have worked hard and created a beautiful handmade bespoke beauty! One we cannot wait to see out on the ring walk. A huge amount of small detail went into the idea’s behind the kit and they all paid off when pieced together. We enjoy working on a theme inspired by a character, place, era etc, it really gives us chance to push our creative boundaries. Take a closer look below. IT’S ALL IN THE DETAIL! As you can see from our images, we have used different materials such as satin, fur, wetlook and more. With stunning embroidery detail on the vibrant butterfly and hand placed crystals covering names and butterflies what is not to love. This eye-catching kit was a pleasure to work on. With printed Bambi patterns to the inner lining of the robe and fur hood and sleeves. Embroidered and printed logos […]

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