The Making of Body Snatcher Dillian Whyte Ringwear

The Making of Body Snatcher Dillian Whyte Ringwear

WBC Number 1 Contender Dillian Whyte takes on Columbian Oscar Rivas on a bumper heavyweight bill at the weekend. Featuring David Price vs David Allen and Derek Chisora and Polish Artur Szpilka on a packed o2 London bill broadcast on Sky Sports Box Office. 

Once again Dillian takes the risky fight, to earn his shot at Wilder the WBC Heavyweight holder.

After his only defeat to Anthony Joshua in 2015 Dillian has been training hard over at Loughborough University with top S&C coaches, and a quality team around him, working his way to the top.

As Dillian works harder training at Suzi Wong we aim to push all boundaries with his fightwear. Below you will see the process into making the best and most complex  boxing ring wear we have ever attempted.

Prepare to be dazzled!!

Dillian Whyte Suzi Wong Fightwear Design

It all start with a design, an idea, a vision.  As Dillian is always looking for designs that are unique, we will collate many months of ideas so when it comes to a fight being announced we are ready to present Dillian with concepts.

As with Dillians past few kits, we have again ran with the wolf theme.  This has become a synonymous symbol that people recognise Dillian for and his wolf cry during his ring walk.

Above are initial designs signed off and created by the Suzi Wong design team from our Lancashire studio from boxing shorts, robe and corner jackets for all the team.

Specialist Boxing Design Service

When coming into the bespoke studio we help you get the perfect fit for your dream boxing fight wear.

Offering a fully bespoke, couture service.  Suzi Wong really is a 100% British family run company with the standards of a Savile Row tailor.

Producing the Body Snatcher Kit

Producing what would be one of the most complex fight kits in our history as the leading bespoke boxing short makers in the world was a real task.

Firstly we produced a sample for Dillian to try of the robe as this was a new style and we need to be 100% sure on fit.  Once this is done we can then make adjustments as required from the boxer.

Secondly there was the wolf which we chose, as a colour splat. It contained many different colours and we wanted to capture those colours throughout the design. This required a lot of planning and thousands of Austrian Crystals, some 40 thousand plus in total to obtain the results we did.

We have worked for a number of months on this kit, and this time allowed all these Swarovski’s to be strategically placed to give maximum effect when entering and fighting under the bright lights of the boxing ring in from on millions of peoples, watching at the o2 London and around the world on TV. Here you can see Jenny above placing some crystals on the fightwear and the names being prepared.

Nothing like this has ever been seen in a boxing ring and is more akin to something you would see on a Hollywood movie or an Elton John show. This fight kit is a real work of art, created by all the Suzi Wong team. We have all had input into the process of making this, getting the wolf right and over the split zip at the front of the robe.  How the names should be embroidered and then applied to the fightwear.  The kit and structure of the garments.

Not all garments are the same and we use multiple different techniques and processes to get effects like we do.

Below you can also see the structure and manufacture into the shoulder pads we created, with punk style spikes and Austrian Crystals crystal spikes to give that real wow effect when walking to the ring.

The Finished Masterpiece – Dillian Whyte

The finished article is truly spectacular and I would like to take the opportunity to thank Dillian Whyte himself for allowing us to create something truly unique and one of a kind. The whole Suzi Wong Team who have all helped the design become a real life product, just the way the design team imagined and the SW fans all over the world who I am sure will love this masterpiece.

Fashion is art and today Dillian Whyte is the canvas.

The whole Suzi Wong Team would like to wish Dillian Whyte the best of luck this weekend!!!

Go and Dazzle!!!!!