Michael Conlan

A two times Olympian, Michael is one of Ireland’s most successful amateur fighters ever.

Michael Conlan reached number one in the AIBA World Rankings, traveling to the Rio Olympics in 2016 it was well documented that Michael was robbed of going onto the finals with a horrendous decision. He threw his arms out at the end and gave the middle finger to the judges and was severely disciplined for it, but the world was now watching. 

Michael Conlan Suzi Wong Ambassador

Beyond The Olympics

Following the 2016 Olympic Games and his disillusionment with amateur boxing, Michael set about turning professional. Interest came in from all the big promotion companies including Floyd Mayweather himself but it was Top Ranks Bob Arum who secured Michaels signature and he made his pro debut at MSG New York on St Patrick’s Day. The roof nearly came off the place. 

St Patricks Day is now set for Michael at MSG and a yearly spectacle.  We at Suzi Wong have been fortunate to be involved in the last two years and it’s an amazing task, to create something unique for a true Irish fighter on the biggest day of Irish history.

With Michael now under the guidance of MTK Global and Adam Booth, his future looks set to be lined with many world titles and we look forward to creating more amazing boxing kits together.  

Michael conlan Suzi Wong design studio

Who is your favourite fighter?

"Roberto Duran he is someone I still study to this day. Currently Lomachenko is my favourite, his ring craft is second to none."
Michael Conlan Robe
Michael Conlan

Custom Made Boxing Shorts by Suzi Wong for Michael Conlan

Suzi Wong has been making Custom Boxing Shorts and Fightwear for Michael Conlan since he started his boxing career. We are extremely proud to have him represent the Suzi Wong Brand.

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