Sunny Edwards

Sunny ‘Showtime’ Edwards, a Suzi Wong customer

Sunny ‘Showtime’ Edwards certainly lives by the nickname ‘Showtime’ in the ring. A master of ring craft, movement, speed and slickness, Sunny is one of the most exciting British fighters right now.

Part of a fighting family, him and brother Charlie Edwards former WBC World Champion train together under the guidance of Grant Smith in Sheffield. It’s quite a pro stable Grant has got in his Steel City Boxing Club, with training partners including Dalton Smith (Grant son) former elite squad GB Athlete and signed with Matchroom Boxing and the Kinsiona Brothers. It’s a fantastic family atmosphere in the gym and Grant really does know how to get the best out of his fighters. Sunny has flourished under his wing, and the boxing world his oyster with a bright future ahead. 

Working on Custom Boxing Shorts for Sunny

Currently 14 wins on his record and holding the illustrious British Title Sunny is looking to add more titles to his card. 

Working with Sunny on his fight kits is always a highlight for us.  He is a super intelligent fighter, and understands the concept of a show, meaning his kit is part of this as well.  Just like a theatre goer, wanting to see and enjoy the costumes of the stage, the ring is his stage and he wants to represent himself through not only his skills but his boxing kits also. 

We have been fortunate enough to create some of our best work with Sunny, including the much loved Frank Lucas inspired kit. We managed to source some faux Chinchilla fabric to make a robe and boxing shorts that were out of this world, the ultimate in luxury.

We have also made boxing shorts inspired by Venom, Japanese cartoon characters from Manga, Thanos and The Matrix.

We always make Sunny’s little boy a replica boxing short when Sunny fights and one day you never know Chance himself could be coming into the Suzi Wong studio for his own shorts, either way he has some great pieces of history and they look great for mini photoshoots with his Dad.

The future is bright for Sunny and we have some amazing ideas we are already in discussions about.  What this space for some crazy, unique boxing shorts and jackets.

Sunny Edwards Interview

Below we catch up with Sunny about what inspired him to be a fighter and where he sees herself in 5 years;

Where you are from?

Croydon, London but I have relocated to Sheffield





Amateur Boxing Club? 

Repton ABC and Steel City Boxing Club, Sheffield

Where you train now?

Steel City Boxing Club


Grant Smith


Frank Warren Promotions

What is your inspiration?

My son Chance Hart Edwards 

Favourite Suzi Wong kit?

I literally love all my Suzi Wong kits, but in particular the Frank Lucas fur kit was insane, no one ever saw anything like that before.  Followed by my Venom inspired kit. We have some exciting kits coming in the pipeline and it’s a great distraction when in fight camp, designing my kit with the Suzi Wong team, we always cook up a storm.

Achievements to date?

As an amateur I won many national titles, including ABA Elite Championships, and was a member of the GB Squad. 

Currently as a pro 14 wins under my belt.  I am British Champion and ranks #4 WBO #5 IBF #12 WBC in the world rankings 

Favourite fighter?

Josh Warrington without doubt, what he has achieved so far is amazing and I can’t see anyone stopping him. 

AJ or Fury?

Anthony Joshua for me.

Sunny Edwards Custom Boxing Shorts & Fightwear

by Suzi Wong